This whale broke free of the killing cove nets, though stayed close by as it called out for its’ family- which had been driven onto the beach within the killing cove… This diver dragged the whale back toward its’ death. 


This whale broke free of the killing cove nets, though stayed close by as it called out for its’ family- which had been driven onto the beach within the killing cove… This diver dragged the whale back toward its’ death. 

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Is Marineland safe for new incoming whales?

Check this: Marineland looking for Companion to Kiska

After reading this article, and searching the Twitterverse for this conversation I have come up with a couple issues and questions regarding Marineland’s search for a new Killer Whale.

So I am asking you the community who have experience and have an opinion on the matter. Do you think it is a wise decision for Marineland to bring in new animals in addition to them wanting to have them being born in captivity? 

I believe it is a slippery slope for them to begin such conversation and it could possibly be too soon.

Thoughts? .. Comment below

Marineland Takes Action Against Former Trainer

The Toronto Star has done an extensive investigation of the Marineland controversy. Many “EX” trainers have come forward revealing critical information to the public and press about what is really happening behind their gates.

Check out the below article on how one of their Ex Senior Trainers Christine Santos for $1 Million Dollars.

Going through this article, looking at the claims made by Marineland particularly attacking the well-being of ex trainer Santos and how they specifically say she has had no prior education in animal care when in fact she has had a college training and over 12 years experience, kind of gives an insight on Marineland’s ‘methods’ for their defense.

Marineland threatens to sue former trainer for more than $1 million

This is a video of one of the many protests at Marine Land in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

I have had the pleasure of working with Bob Timmons, Artist for the Ocean on a previous project. That can be found here: The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

This is a video of him discussing how people locally, particularly in Toronto can act and help stop animal injustices that are happening globally.

Starting Educated Conversations

After looking through the comment section of a Toronto Star Article on the Opposition of endangered sharks into Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium, opening in 2013, I have decided to join the conversation.

Despite my personal bias of animal captivity, I also have a hobby of having and maintaining aquariums I feel like I have an educated opinion. Here in fact I actually pointed out a couple of flaws and inaccuracies in the arguments made by the posted comments.

To check out the article on comment page check it out here: Ripley’s Aquarium Facing Opposition Over Sharks.

Ripley’s Toronto Aquarium Grand Opening Quickly Approaches

I will be the first one to tell you all that one of my main hobbies that I take pride in, is my passion and love for aquariums. There is probably minimal difference between the aquarium sitting in my living room and one that is 1.5 million gallons in total of all attractions versus my 55 gallon tank. Other than the fact that I would love to have that in my basement.

I also would be lying if I told you that I am not excited to go there, the only reason is because I would love the opportunity to interact and watch the animals up close; even if they are not in their natural habitat. It is especially hard when we are landlocked here in Ontario.

There has been a lot of opposition about the Sharks that are planning to be included in the underwater exhibit. This type of opposition includes a petition that was passed around in the summer, and a constantly updated Facebook Page of the Resistance of Toronto’s upcoming Aquarium. The Group is called Toronto Aquarium Resistance Reliance (TARA)

With all of the opposition and resistance against the Toronto Aquarium, Ripley’s Vice-President of Communications was quoted in the Toronto Star article saying.

“Ripley’s Aquariums has worked with third parties, like biologists and government agencies, over the past 15 years to ensure that all our marine animals are cared for in a way that meets the highest welfare standards in the world,” he said, noting that veterinarians are kept on staff and the composition of the water is closely monitored.

The article can be found here: Ripley’s Aquarium Facing Opposition Over Sharks

The article discusses how Ripley Entertainment is catching Sand Tiger Sharks off the coast of South Carolina to fill their tanks for the new T.O Attraction. One crucial factor being highlighted is how they are capturing an endangered species of Shark. There are many many different types of Sharks out there, and the capture of any is still frowned upon, but still I am sure Ripley Entertainment could have done a bit more homework here.

One interesting fact is how these Sand Tiger Sharks are a U.S. protected species, and they had to attain special government clearance to capture them.

But what really fascinates me is the responses in the “Comment Section” Of this article. People are questioning the motives of people like Bob Timmons from the Sea Shepherd, by saying that opposition here for the aquarium is useless and they should instead use this type of effort on “real issues.” 

I will leave that last comment up to you all to decide on.

Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D): SHAME OF NIAGARA: Who is Jessica Motley? Attempted Bribery of Marineland Animal Defense


Welcome to MERGLGATE! We’ve been watching this evolve over the last 2 months, and tonight, on the eve of the demonstration against June Mergl and John Holer tomorrow, we are shedding light on just who the folks who “care” for Marineland’s animals actually are.

On September 30th, 2012, “Joseph…

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Marineland Trainer’s moving Story on ‘Smooshi’ the Walrus

Check out the article from the Huffington Post on Philip Demers’ story on why he left Marineland and his ‘maternal’ and very close relationship with Smooshi the Walrus.

The Huffington Post- Why I left Marineland, and my beloved Walrus Smooshi

Check out some of the photos of Demers and Smooshi taken from this article